We support over 20 missions works here at Temple Baptist.  In fact, we have three missionary families sent out from our own church!  That's right.... members of Temple Baptist Church who are serving the Lord in other countries.
We're very proud of all of our missonary families!
Tom & Gail Gritts
Steve & Kelli Mowery
Leonard & Susie Smith
Tim & Jenelle McCown-Japan
Visit the McCown Website
Jim & Becky Carter-Alaska
Visit the Carter Website
Vladimir & Debbie Lukyanov- Russia
Visit the Lukyanov Website
Patrick & Ann Janel McClure- Brazil
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Jim & Phyllis Childress- Panama
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Paul & Terri Pritchard
Preach Evangelistic Ministries
Bill & Debbie Crawford- Germany
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Ray & Jean Ann Clemmons- New Mexico
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Steve & Pam Workman- Botswana
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Karen Kolb- Guatamala
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Steve & Heidi Reinhold- Mexico
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Stan & Jackie Sherwood- Panama
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Frank & Finettie Howell- Philippines
​Please pray for the Howells
Jeff & Andrea Williams- Canada
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Mike & Caroline Tester- Hong Kong
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Matt & Ericka Moeller- Scotland
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World Missions
Kevin & Sarah Pine- Great Britain
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Esteban & Emily Alvarez- Uruguay
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